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While travelling on the road that connects Koroni to Finikounda in Greece you are sure to notice the studio cum art gallery ATELIER SUD with its unique architectural style that is integrated so beautifully into the surrounding landscape.

The two artists who are ATELIER SUD' s heart and soul are true originals.They settled in the area about 15 years ago, having travelled the world and lived in various places.

- Cai' s principal artistic expression is through sculpture, for which she has developed her own technique, making statues of long lines human figures that are feminine, expressive and dream-like. They bring to the mind dancers, in their search for balance and movement, which is an extension of Cai' s interest and knowledge of ballet and choreography in another artistic medium. Some pieces are casted in bronze.

Cai also makes jewellery, using silver, semi-precious stones, pebbeles from the beach, cinnamon sticks. In fact, any natural material that can help her create an object of beauty.

Everything shown at ATELIER SUD is an original piece of art that cannot be found anywhere else. The atmosphere at the gallery is tranquil and the two artists can speak, between them, most of the major European languages.

- Doby when being a ceramicist, uses stonewear and porcelain in his work, creating objects whose shapes are modern and unexpected. he makes his own glazes which are fired in oxidazing or reducing atmosphere.

When being a painter, he works using watercolours, oil or acrylic paints, depending on needs of the subject. Some of its favorite themes are architectural details and still lives. In the gallery one can also find prints of his paintings.

Doby makes some sculptures too, working with metal rods, as well as making jewellery with silver.

The two artits, during the winter, travel in India and bring back an extensive collection of textiles selected by them as an accompaniment to their art work and frequently made to their specifications such as shawls, cushions and bed covers, and various other items.